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Nomex® Panels           
Honeycomb structures are used extensively in aircraft construction to save weight.  Honeycomb core made with fireproof Nomex® is coated with a  phenolic resin to increase strength properties.  (Nomex® is the registered brand name of a flame retardant material by DuPont.)  Nomex honeycomb core has high strength-to-weight and rigidity-to-weight ratios, high thermal tolerance, excellent corrosion resistance, and confirms to rigid smoke toxicity and flammability standards.
  • Thermal tolerance to 325°F
  • Denisities range from 1.5 to 12 pcf
  • High wet strength and corrosion resistance
  • Conforms to rigid smoke toxicity and flammability standards
  • Good fatigue and impact resistance
Thickness:  .080" up to 36"
Length:        Any up to 144"
Width:          Up to 60"
  • Interior aircraft panels including flooring, sidewalls, ceilings, galleys and lavatories
  • Exterior aircraft panels including trailing and leading edges, flaps, ailerons, access panels and doors
  • Ship and boat panels such as those dividing berthing areas and staterooms
  • Pleasure and racing boat hulls
  • Celilings, walls, and floors of portable structures.
NOVA STEEL, INC. AND NOMEX®                                                       
Nova Steel has begun to supply various government and military branches with Nomex® composite materials used in various aerospace applications.  To view some of the many applications your company may benefit please click here for more information.
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